New government charges on some blood pressure medicines from 1 August may make your blood boil.

New government charges on some blood pressure medicines from 1 August may make your blood boil.
Don''t let your blood pressure rocket up- talk to your pharmacist or doctor about all your options then come in and see us at Bramwells Pharmacy about natural health supplements, which complement your medication and will have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Everyone has blood pressure. It is the force, which keeps blood circulating in our bodies. When the pressure is too high it becomes unhealthy for our heart and kidneys. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is generally defined as a repeatable blood pressure (BP) reading of greater than 150/90mmltg.

How Do I Know If I''ve Got It?

Part of the danger of hypertension is that often it has no symptoms. Your doctor will measure your BP during a regular health check up. More than 90% of people who have hypertension have no known cause, although certain risk factors contribute to their condition. For example, if any of the following apply to you, you have an increased risk of hypertension and therefore need to take extra care of yourself- smoking, diabetes, obesity, highcholesterol and a family history of heart disease. If you have high BP for whatever reason there are things you can do to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Diet & Lifestyle:

Hypertension is often closely related to dietary factors. Weight reduction reduces blood pressure and should be an important goal for overweight people. The aim is to normalise blood pressure and maintaining an ideal body weight will help achieve this. We are being bombarded from all directions by organisations telling us to eat healthier and exercise more frequently and much as we''d like to ignore it, most of it is correct.
Having high blood pressure can be very dangerous and is the No. 1 reason for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Who wants a shortened life through heart disease, stroke or other debilitating illness when it could be prevented by taking better care of yourself? Excess coffee drinking, alcohol intake, lack of exercise and smoking are all things that may contribute to an elevated blood pressure reading. Changing your diet can help hypertension, especially reducing salt, sugar and fatty foods. Increase fibre intake e.g. wholegrain bread and quality cereals. We have several free copies of the booklet "What You Can Do" available which summarises hypertension.
Stress can also contribute to heart disease and should be managed as best possible. Reducing workload and external Pressures will help. Relaxation and meditation are used by many world-wide to manage stress. It may sound weird
But staying happy will reduce your chances of heart disease. Its medical fact…happier people suffer less heart Disease.


Essential: the minerals Calcium & Magnesium are highly beneficial. Calcium deficiency has been linked to high BP. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant which is important in dilating blood vessels and relaxing the heart muscle.
This will help lower BP in the same way that a wider garden hose means lower water pressure. We recommend Super Calcium complete which will deliver therapeutic doses of both calcium and magnesium in one tablet.

Very Important:
The ability of garlic to help lower BP is well documented. It also has numerous other beneficial effects in the body, including lowering cholesterol and acting as an anti-oxidant to protect the cells. It is virtually impossible to take sufficient in raw form and high doses of supplements must be used to exert a positive effect. We usually recommend Kyolic aged garlic in the concentrated form or in combination with Hawthorne a herb widely used because it also helps dilate blood vessels and reduce BP.
Co-enzyme Q10 is another popular supplement for improving heart function and lowering blood pressure. Other supplements sometimes used include fish oils(n-3 essential fatty acids), vitamin C and Flax oil.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor contributing to the high level of heart and kidney disease in New Zealand.
It is probably THE most important reason to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. This includes limiting salt,sugar, alcohol and caffeine.Several supplements can help avoid and manage hypertension. These include garlic, co enzyme Q10, calcium and magnesium.Because there are so many different health supplements available it is best to have a consultation so that the supplements selected for you are tailored to help your specific health problems.